WiFi Setup - Mobile Device

Update: For issues using mobile devices with Android 9, please refer to our help page.
  1. Install the JuiceNet app onto your mobile device.
  2. Log into the JuiceNet app. If you do not have an account, create one.
  3. Select Add JuiceNet Device on Android devices or Start on iOS devices.
    Android iOS
  4. Select Connect Now.
    NOTE: If the JuiceBox is already connected to the WiFi network, refer to Access a JuiceBox that is Already on the WiFi Network.
  5. Have the WiFi network password ready, then unplug the JuiceBox. In the app, select Next.
  6. Plug in the JuiceBox. In the app, select Next.
NOTE: After powering the JuiceBox, steps 7 through 9 must be completed within 2 minutes.
  1. iOS devices only: Connect to the JuiceBox's WiFi network.
    1. Navigate to the WiFi settings on your mobile device. Connect to the "JuiceBox-###" or "JuiceNet-###" WiFi network. If the network requires a password, use the password "GoElectric" (case-sensitive).
      NOTE: The actual name of the network varies by device, such as "JuiceBox-123".
    2. Return to the JuiceNet app.
  2. In the JuiceNet app, select the preferred local WiFi network.
  3. Enter the WiFi network password, if necessary, then select Connect JuiceNet device to WiFi.
    The app connects the JuiceBox to the WiFi network.
  4. After the app confirms that WiFi setup is complete, select Next to return to the app home screen.
Verify that the JuiceBox is connected by checking that the "Network" indicator on the enclosure is solid blue.

Customize your experience by following the onscreen app instructions to select your vehicle and charging profile, or navigate to the JuiceNet dashboard on a personal computer at dashboard.emotorwerks.com.

For a complete video walkthrough of the app, refer to https://docs-emobility.enelx.com/Videos/AppWalkthrough.html.