WiFi Setup - Personal Computer

Connect to WiFi

  1. Unplug the JuiceBox, then plug it back in.
NOTE: The following steps must be completed within 2 minutes of plugging in the JuiceBox.
  1. Open the WiFi settings on your personal computer. Connect to the "JuiceBox-###" or "JuiceNet-###" WiFi network using the password "GoElectric" (case-sensitive).
    NOTE: The actual name of the network varies by device, such as "JuiceBox-123".
  2. In a web browser, navigate to or to setup.com to view a list of available WiFi networks.
  3. Select the desired WiFi network. Enter the WiFi network password, if necessary. Click Connect.
Verify that the JuiceBox is connected by checking that the "Network" indicator on the enclosure is solid blue.

Set Up JuiceNet Dashboard

  1. Log into the dashboard.
  2. In the lefthand navigation menu, select My JuiceNet > Add JuiceNetDevice.
  3. Enter the JuiceNet ID and select Add JuiceNet Device.
    Tip: JuiceNet detects and displays all devices on the local network. Click on the appropriate Device ID to automatically paste it into the entry field.
  4. In the lefthand navigation menu, select My JuiceNet > My JuiceNet Devices.
  5. Locate the appropriate device and select MORE DETAILS.
  6. Select Settings.
  7. Enter the device name, address, and timezone, then select Update.