NOTE: This video assumes that you have paired your mobile device to your JuiceNet device. Refer to the WiFi pairing video for more information.


0:06-0:54:JuiceNet Device required settings
0:55-1:36:Add vehicle to app
1:37-2:08:Standby screen
2:09-3:07:Charging a vehicle
3:08-3:34:JuiceNet Device state and statistics
3:35-3:45:JuiceNet Device history
3:46-4:30:Charging schedule (time of use)
4:31-5:04:Minimum charge feature
5:05-5:09:Introduction to advanced features
5:35-6:07:Specific notification overview: EV not plugged in by
6:08-6:23:Switching between miles and kilometers
6:24-6:37:Delete a vehicle from app
6:38-6:56:Limit number of Amps
6:57-7:07:Delete JuiceNet Device
7:08-7:30:Send feeback
7:30-7:48 :Sharing PIN
7:49-7:59:Electrical grid information
8:00-8:04:EV and charging news
8:05-8:15:Regional rewards
8:16-8:19:Happy charging!